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We plan to release a new episode every month for the next 1.5 years. Nevertheless, we have a working business model already, which brings regular profits from merchants who sell over 70 product groups in the name of our brand.


The idea of «The Defenders» was born in 2012 and the development of the project has immediately started by the authors: Igor Zadorin(producer) and Katya Grokhovskaya (director)
Work on the comic book was completed
The project was first introduced in France at the Annecy animation festival. The MIFA film market was held within the festival where the first clips of the cartoon were demonstrated
The first (pilot) series of the project was completed and successfully presented on the rank of MIPCOM television content in Cannes
Several next series were successfully presented at MIPCOM. Presentation has shown that there is a large demand for the project from an international community
The series of «The Defenders» started on the leading Russian children’s TV channels, showing high ratings
Total number of the «Go Defenders!» game participants reaches 14 000 pupils
On the International Day for Protection of Children, «The Defenders» successfully started at the cinema and reached very high rates
The All-Russian Council of «The Defenders» was held at The Russian Children’s Center «Orlyonok» where thousands of children from all over Russia took part. The goals of the meeting were to create and implement an interesting project for schoolchildren, which could help in promoting important social knowledge and basis for self-improvement of the young citizens of Russia.
All-Russian sports and educational game «Go Defenders!» was launched, with the support of the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Sports of the Russian Federation, it allows schoolchildren compete in both regional and municipal stages. Competitions are held in a variety of disciplines: sambo, robotics, environmental safety, creativity and others.
Total number of the «Go Defenders!» game participants reaches 14 000 pupils
Schools in 10 regions of Russia are involved in the «Go Defenders!» game
It was decided to raise funding for further project development utilising modern technologies - blockchain tokens emission. ICO Sales preparation project started
We widely participate in children’s festival of animation and entertainment MULTIMIR.TV
Work on project tokenization — bringing blockchain token concept into our media business, start smart contract concept development. Broad discussion of the concept with blockchain community and involvement of the best industry experts
Project business model is fully tokenized, smart contracts are implemented and whitepaper is written. ICO pre-sale among early adopters to test concept and developed mechanics.
ICO Token Sale, start of 10th episode production
10th episode release, real business cash flow metrics become available at investor’s account on portal
First dividends payout, 11th and 12th Episode releases
First Season Released


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